Dreamers Soccer Clinic

We want our participants to understand the value that sports provides to their personal and professional lives but also the importance of servant leadership, community service, and education.

About Us

Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to give participants life-changing opportunities by empowering them to dream big, become leaders of their community, and achieve their athletic aspirations and pursue higher education. Our long term vision  is to develop community leaders, have more youth live up to their full potential, have more student-athletes from the Antelope Valley community get recruited to play collegiate soccer, and pursue higher education.

Main areas of our focus


Community Engagement Program

DSC facilitates free college access and professional soccer development workshops and seminars, and speaks with local soccer clubs and organizations to engage the broader community who are not involved with our day to day programs.


After School Youth Leadership Program

This is a soccer youth leadership development program for elementary school and middle school low-income students. This program promotes the importance of dreaming big, community leadership, and pursuing higher education. We host soccer training sessions while teaching student life learning skills that are learned in the field (e.g. discipline, perseverance, leadership).


College Access and Persistence Program

This program provides students with higher education knowledge. Scholars will gain leadership skills and learn how to apply to a university and get recruited to play collegiate soccer.





The soccer tournament will be a college showcase. We will provide college workshops and bring in college recruiters to advertise their university to the participants. We will collaborate with the city and the money generated will be used primarily to continue the support of our programs.


Our Story

“I learned how to dream big and never give up.”  – After School Program Participant

“The college tour was very inspiring. Learned a lot from the presentation. It was relating to activities that had me thinking about my goals more and made me realize a lot.”  

– UCR 2019 college tour participant

“The staff provided great advice towards the children. I also enjoyed the advice the staff gave us the parents to continue encouraging our children to Dream Big and pursue higher education” 

–  2019 UCR college tour Parent


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