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Dreamers Soccer Clinic – Our Story 

Through soccer give participants life-changing opportunities by empowering them to Dream Big, become leaders of their community, achieve their athletic aspirations and pursue higher education.

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The Dreamers Soccer Clinic has several programs that are intended to encourage and motivate low-income youth to dream big and pursue higher education. This organization aims to develop youth into young leaders by supporting and providing them with access to academic and athletic resources. This organization aspires to make low-income youth realize their intellectual, athletic and academic potential through mentorship, guidance and through the sport of soccer. We all have a story to tell and sometimes some students need to hear stories that they can relate to. Having a mentor or a system of support can help a student fulfill their personal and academic goals. For that reason, The Dreamers Soccer Clinic implemented this program to be able to enhance their academic, personal and athletic endeavors.



Board Members



Francisco “Panchito” J. Ramirez Rueda



Christian Ramirez Rueda

Secretary & Director of Soccer Operations

Allen K. Kwok

Chief Financial Officer


Eric Calvillo

Program Ambassador & Outreach


Luis Miranda

Intercollegiate & College Access


Kiel McClung

Network & Partnership Specialist


Roberto Castellanos

Ambassador – Professional Soccer Player


Alvaro Quezada

Ambassador – Professional Soccer Player


Alex Salinas

Communication Manager


Year in Review



2020 programs: 

  • May 2020: Q & A with Professional Athletes: Guest speakers ( Eric Calvillo San Jose Earthquakes & Roberto Castellanos Rio Grande Valley Futbol Club)
  • July 2020: Life after high school sports: Webinar
  • August 2020: Financial Aid & Covid-19 Webinar
  • November 2020: The live experiences of Daca/undocumented student athtles: Guest Speakers (Rey Ortiz 2020 FC Cincinnati Superdraft Pick & Sergio Rivas 2019 San Jose Earthquakes Superdraft Pick)

2019 Programs:

  • January-June 2019 after school program Riverside, California
  • April 2019 Special Needs Free Soccer Clinic
  • March 2019 College Access Workshop
  • July 2019 UC Riverside College Tour
  • August 2019 Guest Speaker for LAFC Youth Leadership Program & Antelope Valley Soccer Club

2018 Programs:

  • September 2018 Special Needs Free Soccer Clinic

2017 Programs:

  • December 2017 Second Annual Dreamers Soccer Clinic

2016 Programs:

  • December 2016 First Annual Dreamers Soccer Clinic